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Show Up to Shine

Jacqueline P & Danielle G

Show up to Shine with the ultimate show-ups Jackie & Danielle! How showing up together has been our recipe for success. Not dwelling in failure but embracing the fails, learning to move forward, never taking it personally and always keeping the fun! Our podcast focuses on exploring the different ways in which people design and live their best lives. Where we uncover and revel in the differences of inspired and interesting people that have used their challenges to grow and live an inspired life. Where we invite you, our listener, to hear the tribulations, triumphs and ultimate inspirations that have come from their unique experiences. With hope that you, too, will see your challenges as opportunities to live your best life! Our episodes are a little bit quirky, a lot of bit inspirational and always truly authentic to who we are. As always don't forget to....SHOW UP TO SHINE!